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The Hope Project is an independent, inter-religious social project in Nizamuddin Basti, New Dehli. It is supported by the Hazrat Khan Foundation and aims at the promotion of sustainable social development for kids and their parents. Private and institutional donors from Europe,the USA and India finance the project. 

The main working fields are education programmes,
especially health promotion and health education, livelyhood and income generation and the organisation of a mikro loan programme for the poor. The project offers sustainable help for self-help, raises self-confidence of poor people in their possibilities and investment in education for a better future. Hence, through the different programmes, people can create a humane basis of life that makes them independend of help from outside.

The friends' organization "Hope Projekt" Switzerland makes a special effort to reach this goals with the help of your donations. Besides donating, you can give support by inviting friends to support the organization.

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